Magic Numbers.png


Use these cards to "guess" what number your partner is thinking of.  Magic!


WORd Dash



Have several banks of letters around the classroom.

Every pair starts with 1 letter.

Choose a word family

When you shout go, the children think of a word from that family beginning with that letter.  Once they have written it down, they can run to the bank to pick a new letter.  No swaps!  If they can't use the letter it goes in the word bin which means a deducted point at the end of the game.  Winner is the pair with the highest score after 1 minute!

Just One


Number Scrabble



This is a collaborative game.  Work in small groups to create the biggest scrabble!

Each post-it must contain 1 number and 1 operation.  The children have to think about their layout to make sure they don't run out of room.  See if groups can link theirs together... push the tables together as you go!  I have managed to get the whole class working on one of these that filled every table of the classroom.  Brilliant fun!

Maths Pong



Write numbers 0-12 on ping pong balls. You will need several sets of numbers.  Place tubs on a table at the front of the room.

Pass the bucket of balls around the class.  Children take 2 balls and multiply them together.  If they are correct, they and stand up in their place and throw the balls across the classroom into the pots.  Every ball in the pot by the end of the game is worth one point!